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"How do we change the world? By changing the stories."
Charles Eisenstein
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Find your feet as a storyteller in this group coaching process which focuses on the Earth Stories Collection and the Earth Charter.


The old stories of competition and destruction have driven humanity to the brink of extinction. Humans have forgotten that we are all part of a larger and sacred whole. It is high time we told new (and some of the old) stories about the holistic and radical connectedness of all beings.
In this course you will learn to tell (Earth) stories with joy and charisma, and you will experience the t.time culture of playfulness and non-judgemental connectedness.


We will explore the Earth Stories and the theory behind them. You will get to experience the stories’ power and depth and their value in telling people about a holistic worldview.
Through carefully chosen stories from the collection you will learn the basics of storytelling, practice telling and receive appreciative feedback from facilitator and group. You can find your very own style and preferences and find your feet as a storyteller with a love for this Earth.
A buddy-system will help you to stay connected with the group and your intention.

What with?

In between sessions you will receive materials and exercises and you are invited to tell stories as much as a you can – in your every day life, to your friends, or online.
The last part of the coaching will be about transferring what you have learned: We will hold an online event where all participants of the t.time tellers will be able to tell a story to a wider audience.


Modul 1:
Theme –  Personal Responsibility
Tools – Storytelling basics 1 – 4

Modul 2:
Theme – Enough?!
Tools – Storytelling basics 5 – 9

Modul 3:
Theme – Separation & Connection
Tools – Embodiment

Modul 4:
Thema – The Here & Now
Tools – Props and Costumes

How much?

75 – 110 € per month. (Monthly installments accepted).

As always, we work with a sliding scale. You can decide what you want to pay according to your personal circumstances. 
75 € – covers the basic session costs
95 € – covers session costs and materials
110 € – contributes to an additional space for a less affluent participant

In case you are struggling to afford the fee do feel invited to contact us. Together we will find a solution.


As we are only now beginning to reach out to an English speaking audience,  we do not yet have a specific date set for an English speaking course.
If you are interested in attending and becoming a t.time teller, please reach out and let us know.
We are very much looking forward to meeting you.

What else?

You need a reliable internet connection, aswell as a camera and microphone on your computer, laptop or tablet.
We advise you not to participate via cell phone as this significantly reduces the quality of the call.


Catriona Blanke is a German storyteller, theater trainer, director and singer/songwriter. Telling stories in multiple ways is her passion and vocation.
Cat has lovingly and carefully created this course for you and she will guide you through this process so that you can discover the diversity, playfulness and magic that awaits you when you enter into the realm of storytelling.

Will you join us on this magical journey?
We look forward to meeting you.
Cat & the t.time Team

Here's what folks are saying:

Swantje Bremen

For me, this course was an encounter with the stories, with myself and my very own style of telling and all the other wonderful storytellers who embarked on the journey with me.

Cultural Scientist, Bremen

Cat created a wonderful space to discover the art of storytelling and showed me how to convey complex relationships in vivid and understandable imagery. The course atmosphere was very intimate and affectionate. I take away many wonderful aspects to integrate into my own work. Thank you very much!

Trainings for political education, facilitation and activism, Rostock
Janni Storyteller

Cat really knows how to encourage participants to try out new things. With her unique empathic and open way of teaching she emboldened us to experiment, share, not to give up and overall to awaken the storyteller within.
Thank you so much.

Coach, Berlin

There is a storyteller within each of us. They await the moment when we dare to find the right words and our very own approach. 
That is precisely what the course with Cat helped me to do: To discover myself and my talent. To make the stories - and myself - come alive!

Education Officer & Environmental Psychologist, Bonn