Our Team

"Freedom is not having to do everything the way other people do it."
Astrid Lindgren

We are a team of passionate people who have made it their goal to, with the help of theater and various other methods, contribute something to a positive human presence on this planet.

Our backgrounds vary from education to arts and science and the respect for all life and an intense interest in holistic sustainability is what connects us.

Catriona Blanke

Facilitation, Conceptual Design and Stage Work

Telling stories in diverse formats is my job and my calling. I work as a theater trainer, storyteller, facilitator, director and singer/songwriter. It is my passion to hold space for people and to share with them the diversity, joy and magic of the stage.

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Torben Flörkemeier

Facilitation, Conceptual Design, Organization and Finance

How can we create and hold space for social-ecological change? This question inspires all I do – as a transformation explorer and theater coach.
I work with social and environmental governance theories and methods on the one hand, and with movement, intuition and creativity on the other. My work combines the two approaches and I love motivating people to try both.

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Friederike Gezork

Consultancy, Conceptual Design, Visualization and Care

I love simply being (!) and I enjoy creating a beautiful and cozy atmosphere with others. My passion is for creative co-creation to which a pinch of rhythm, color and humor has been added.
I love the fact that I realize these things in my activities as a cultural anthropologist, educator and conflict facilitator and that in the process we always find what is most important to us.

Axel Stirn

Facilitation, Consultancy and inner and outer Movement

How can we cultivate our positive visionary and creative power? What can young people learn from elders and vice versa? My own experiences have brought me to theater as an optimal approach to explore these and other questions: Once the body starts to move, so does the mind and the heart commences to dance.


Johanna Bruck

Transformational Education, Facilitation and Care

How do we want to live, how do we want to leave this world behind and most of all: how do I have to show up for that? I keep finding that, in school education especially, these questions are not asked enough. Particularly the global problems are analyzed in theory and thus remain abstract. Once I encourage young people to experiment and perceive themselves as having an impact, the become their creative, optimistic and courageous selves. This is why I try to create more of this in school.