Our Philosophy

"Resilience begins in the heart.“

t.time workshops and events are designed to serve societal and ecological transformation. We aim to contribute to a positive future on this beautiful planet and we strive for holistic sustainability in everything we do.

Our approach is based on the three core aspects of training, theater and transformation, because we believe that they are key for the creation of a peaceful world.

t.time trainings always offer both theory and practice. Feedback and reflection play an essential part and the participant strengthens her or his capacity to switch between active participation and active observation.
t.time work enhances inner and outer flexibility and it
rests on the three core principles of Dragon Dreaming:

Personal Development

In order to create a positive future, it is necessary to come up with a genuine and positive image of said future. This is where imagination, joy and curiosity come in. At the same time the individual shadow has to be faced. We need to own our past hurts and actively engage with that which is holding us back. t.time trainings offer a safe space for exploring these factors.


Community Building
If we want to live peacefully as a human community, we need to be able to accept our differences, to co-create and to set free our collective intelligence. For this it is necessary to rid ourselves of mindsets that are merely competitive, to practice collaboration, celebrate diversity and experience the strength and power of true community. t.time trainings aim to encourage participants to join forces with others, to dispense with masks and to find balance between the individual and the collective for the mutual benefit of both.

Service to the Earth
If we want to create a positive environment for future generations on this earth, we have to change our exploitative and destructive behavior. For this it is necessary to first of all see, then to own and lastly to understand complex correlations and contexts. t.time trainings offer a training ground for acute observation, increased awareness and systemic thinking, as well as help to create a broader understanding of global correlations.

The road to peace is built on creativity, common values and the courage to face our own shadow. Therefore the practice of theater is the basis of the t.time approach. For us theater is about much more than the ‘mere’ rehearsal and then performance of plays. Theater practice as we understand it is key to self-empowerment. Participants find encouragement to bring forth their own unique potential through play, experience and practice. A safe space is central in this: being allowed to fail big, without being judged. To experience new things in the presence of kind and well-meaning people, and thus to discover unexpected new capacities and talents.

Imagination is of course another key factor. Participants increase their capability to put themselves in the shoes of others (literally!). They practice changing their perspective by imagining situations they are not used to, through improvisation, scene development and reflection.

In order to create real change that lasts, setting free our innermost joy and curiosity becomes a necessity. For this reason t.time trainings aim to boost creativity, set free boundless joy and playfulness and to create powerful aesthetic processes in order to enhance holistic learning experiences.

The old story of power over, competition and exploitation is outdated. It has brought the global ecosystem of which humanity is part to the brink of exhaustion and extinction. Cultural change is urgently needed. Humanity needs to transition to more sustainability, more awareness and community. Which is why t.time workshops aim to offer a new culture which is based on precisely these factors.

t.time workshops are a training ground for participants to develop new capacities and talents for constructive and impactful action. We believe that a societal transformation to a sustainable way of living is possible only when humans perceive themselves as actors and agents of change and experience their own power to create true change not only for themselves but for the collective as well. t.time trainings combine various educational, artistic and sustainability approaches. Those include Deep Ecology (Joana Macy), Polarity Management (Barry Johnson) and Theater For Living (David Diamond).

With regards to content our work is closely entwined with the Earth Charter and we closely collaborate with the Ökumenischen Initiative Eine Welt, the German Earth Charter Coordination Office.