Advanced Training

Theater meets sustainability. 5 methods. 5 topics.
An advanced facilitation training.
For changemakers and anyone ready to make a difference.

Future At Play
Intensive Trainings

1 Week. 1 topic.
Dive deep. Explore. Regenerate. And then reemerge with your energy and focus renewed.
For all those who long to put a stop to the exploitation of this beautiful world.

Enough ist enough?!
Telling Earth Stories

How do we change the world? By changing the stories.
The old stories of competition and destruction are outdated. It is time for us to collectively tell new ones.
For all those who want to find and develop their very own style of telling stories for a new world.

Short Workshops

Always new, always exciting. Always tailor-made.
Topics and methods can range from deep and serious to humorous and uplifting.
Flexible and creative.
For those with previous acting experience and for those without.
We will do our utmost to go where we are invited.

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t.time – move it!

Thank you for stopping by…
We are delighted to present to you our work, ethics and approach.

t.time is about connection, trust and  playful responsiblity. Come and train with us for the great turning – come to play, come to be real, come alive.

Best wishes, we hope to see you soon.

The t.time team
Catriona, Torben, Rike, Axel und Johanna

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Work in progress...

Coming soon
We are developing English formats…

.. and we would love to hear from you.
If you are interested in working with us, attending a workshop or hiring us as facilitators, please get in touch. Our facilitators speak English fluently and can offer any of our courses in English.