Financial Model

“It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult."

Don’t want to talk about money? We do!

We believe that a sustainable economic system is a vital part of the social and ecological transformation this planet so desperately needs. Which is why we aim for a new and transparent way of dealing with money that expresses solidarity.

It is important for us to always present our costs as transparently as we can; to work with a just remuneration-system and to trust our participants.

Individual workshop fees

We believe in Experience First. Participants are invited to work with us first and then to honestly consider and decide what they can and are willing to pay. Through this we aim to give people the chance to get to know us first and to experience what we have to offer. We explain our costs and our finances. And then we want to invite people to share in the costs according to their own context and ability. We aim to offer a wide span for individual fees; and we try our best to also organize external funding so that the overall costs remain low.

What are the cost factors?

  • Accommodation

  • Food (fair-trade, organic, local)

  • Remuneration Care-Team

  • Remuneration Organization

  • Remuneration Facilitators

  • Travel costs Team

  • Materials and printing costs (i.e. handbook)

We aim for a just and fair distribution of remuneration between the various fields of expertise (i.e. the so-called care work in the kitchen and the facilitation)